Bike NYC for Bike Month | Long Island City Holiday Inn

Want to see NYC in a whole new way? With a growing number of bike lanes and a Citi Bike program, New York is quickly becoming of the more bike-friendly cities. And what better way to see the city sights and enjoy the city breeze than on two wheels? When you ride in NYC, you see so many interesting things that you wouldn’t be able to see by any other mode of transportation. Celebrate Bike Month and check out some of our favorite NYC Bike Routes near our Long Island City hotel:

1) The Queens Cemetery Belt: One of the coolest, pictu places to bike that is entrenched with American history. If you start at the entrance of Calvary Cemetery and follow the path, you will eventually find a mausoleum and headstones. To the opposite of the headstones is the site where Vito Corleone was buried in the famous film, The Godfather.

2) Salvation Army Warehouse: For the thrift-shopping hipster, setting your sights on the Salvation Army Warehouse will not only give you a great workout but you may come home with some great finds. Located in Woodside Queens, which is just a forty minute ride round trip from our Long Island City hotel, you may find those Prada shoes you’ve always wanted.

3) Randall’s Island: Close to our Long Island City hotel, Randall’s Island has 4.5 miles of waterfront pathway, shared with pedestrians and runners, which takes you through nature reserves and gardens, over a bridge that crosses a salt marsh and under the archways of the Hell Gate Bridge. This island has so much NYC history and will not disappoint.

Now that you have some of the best bike paths and destinations, it’s time to get up, rent a bike and go explore the city on your two wheels! We’ll be waiting for you at the Holiday Inn Manhattan View with dinner and a cocktail when you return.