Fierce Food Competition

If you haven’t heard, the Vendy Awards is the first competition in the United States to exclusively feature street food. Through October 16th, found at La Marqueta in East Harlem, Vendy Plaza is open to the public on Sundays between noon and 6:00 pm. This outdoor market helps finalists of the Vendy Awards sell their food beside local rising stars. New York City boroughs all make an appearance during the once-a-year cookout, and the competition is fierce.

Guests intending to catch the food showdown in person can take the R train south before hopping aboard a quick ferry to Governors Island. However, more than your tastebuds could ask for is waiting beneath the elevated train tracks of Metro North. Take your pick of griddled corn arepas at Areparty, The Malaysian Project’s pudding, or the fruit ices of Brooklyn Coquito. Once again New York City promises the fresh flavors of the world.