Ray Villafane Comes To The NY Botanical Garden

October is a month of late blooms and autumnal color. Catch sight of them in the New York Botanical Garden. Throughout the month of October interactive demonstrations in the New York Botanical Garden will be filled with creepy reptiles, black bats, and much more.

More than two dozen scarecrows and a cohort of peculiar pumpkins and other squash populate the grounds of the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden. Children are welcome to stage a puppet show or throw a haunted tea party in the garden’s Victorian playhouse, while knowledgeable guides will help you assemble a seed necklace and learn the traits of various flowers and fruits.

With his workshop based in Arizona, Ray Villafane is pleased to make a return visit to the Botanical Garden, and just in time for the month-long promotion of Halloween. Villafane brings his tough pumpkins screaming into life with stunningly realistic, often humorous carvings and large installations.